The Wailers Live at Outer Banks Brewing Station

This past Wednesday, The Wailers put on an energetic island inspired show at The Outer Banks Brewing Station. This classic reggae band was formed in ’63 by Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, and Legendary singer and songwriter Bob Marley. For the past 55 years, the Wailers have seen many members come and go, but they have never once lost their extraordinary sound.

Walking into the Brewing Station on a Wednesday night, I didn’t expect to see the crowd that I did. I keep forgetting that I live in a vacation spot and that the usual weekday party rules don’t apply here. As I entered the building, I began making my way to the stage. After a few minutes of gentle pushing, I finally found an excellent spot to situate myself in. As soon as the band entered the stage, the crowd began to erupt with pure joy. The lead vocalist of the band, Joshua David Barrett, is an absolute treat to hear live. His soothing voice is very reminiscent of Marley’s. His pure talent and outstanding vocals prove that he is indeed a worthy successor. The final remaining member for the original Wailers is Aston Barrett. He may be 71, but do not let his old age fool you. He can still play the bass like a pro. Aston Barrett Jr. is the lead drummer of the reggae group and is the son of bassist Aston Barrett. Many do not know, but Aston Jr. is legendary drummer Carlton “Carly’ Barrett’s nephew. Carlton Barrett was murdered at the heartbreakingly young age of 36. This took a significant toll on the reggae community who were still mourning the death of Marley six years prior. Aston Barrett Jr. is a passionate drummer who keeps the memory of his uncle alive with his incredible performances.

The band was on stage for about an hour and a half, playing hit songs such as “Is This Love” and “Jamming.” The combination of the sound mixers and the fantastic performances by the band made for one of the best sounding shows I have heard yet at the Brewing Station. Each song was received with extraordinary praise and thunderous applause from the audience. As someone who is not that well versed with the reggae music scene, it left me wanting more.

The Wailers have gone down in history as one of the most prominent reggae bands of all time. The group made a promise to Bob that The Wailers would carry on long after he passed and that they would keep playing for their loyal fans. Attending this show, you could feel that promise being fulfilled by every band member. The combination of the lively crowd and excellent venue made for a great night at The Outer Banks Brewing Station!

The Wailers Live at The Outer Banks Brewing Station // June 13, 2018 from brooke scarborough on Vimeo.

By Mike Chase