5 Ways Social Media is Impacting Business

5 Ways Social Media is Impacting Business.

Since the rise of social media, the way we do business has taken a drastic turn. Today, social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram are no longer just tools for connecting people. In honor of Social Media Day, let’s look into the unique ways this powerful marketing tool has forever altered the way businesses operate and connect with customers.

5 Ways Social Media is Impacting Business

#1: We Market Differently

Social media changed the way businesses market their brand, products, and services. Content marketing allows businesses to increase their visibility through a variety of platforms. It’s completely free for businesses to launch promotional content by publishing posts. Your goal should be to create a community of like minded individuals with a common interest. For instance, if your business sells women’s fashion, build your social media to include content catered towards women with similar styles and interests. Consistently posting can build loyalty within specific demographics and help you become a trusted resource within your field.

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Instagram and Facebook’s Shopping tools allow for users to purchase products directly on these platforms. You can tag products in photos to increase conversions, and it’s free to use! A lot of companies also incorporate paid advertising to their social media regiment. Consider using video ads on Youtube to build brand awareness in new markets, or promote a post directly on social media to drive traffic to your profile or website.

#2: Everyone’s More Connected than Ever

With more people using social media, your brand needs to stand out against the competition. How do you convince more customers to choose you over other brands? A lot of companies use their social media to make themselves stand out from the crowd. Make your social media personable and use innovative content to drive consumer interaction.

While competition may be fierce in your field, you can handle it. One good tip to help jumpstart your brand’s presence on social media is to monitor what your competitors are doing. Follow related accounts for inspiration and draw from their content to use on your own accounts.

A common strategy businesses use to market online is posting user generated content. Have your customers tag you in a post after a purchase and share their post with your following. Just be sure to ask permission first! This approach not only organically builds your brand, but also is a free way to market on social media. If you’re having a hard time obtaining these posts, the internet is full of individuals that users look to for purchasing advice. Influencer marketing is a great way to show your product off on social media.

#3 Direct Interaction with Consumers

Increased connection not only means your platform can reach new customers, but it can help you stay connected with your current client base. Your social media platform is a great place to offer customer service. Facebook even allows customers to leave you reviews on Facebook. Encourage your following to leave a review. Monitor your direct messages and comment sections to communicate directly with your customers. The immediate reaction time these channels offer means you can increase your business’ transparency just by staying on top of your interactions. Our Brand Hookup package can help you take control of how your business looks online.

#4: Mistakes are now Amplified

Now that a majority of the population is on social media, anyone can give their opinion on your business. You can’t please everyone, so you will need a plan in place for whenever something goes wrong. You shouldn’t let fear intimidate you from branching out online. Having a Public Relations and Reputation Management Plan in place can help you whenever something is not interpreted correctly.

#5: Anyone can find success.

The beauty of social media is that anyone can find success. Gone are the days of having to open a brick and mortar store to find customers. Today, more businesses test out their business strategies on social media before opening a physical storefront. Playing the social media game lets businesses of any size compete with major corporations. By building a lifestyle connected with your brand, you can virtually develop your business.

Social media has definitely changed our lives over the years. Anyone can build their brand on social media, but remember it doesn’t happen overnight. Be consistent and dedicated to your business and with time, your business can be amplified!

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