Books to be Red

project scope

Nestled away in a cozy cottage on the isolated Ocracoke Island, Books to be Red is a hidden island gem that sells delightful literature and hand crafted goods. Outer Banks Media was tasked with brand development and the creation of a new website for Books to be Red. During the initial planning stages of this project, we wanted to capture the charming essence of Books to be Read’s brick and mortar storefront. We drafted a custom drawing of the quaint headquarters for the book store and included it throughout the website. Also involving brand development, we designed additional company logos and graphics to appear on the website. The copy of the website is presented in a font that is similar to the traditional text found inside novels and classic literature. Viewing the Books to be Read website feels like reading a familiar childhood book which directly reflect the business’ brand as well.

Our Solutions

  • Custom Website Design
  • Event Calendar
  • Logo Design
  • Personalized Illustration of Cottage
  • On Brand Font that Mimics Text from Literature