Corolla Pizza & Deli

Corolla Pizza Website

project scope

Corolla Pizza & Deli is a special, in-season treat for visitors of the northern beaches of the Outer Banks. Vacationers return year after year for delicious Sicilian za that sells out most days. Corolla Pizza & Deli approached Outer Banks Media to revamp their website. Our update included a recommendation for professional photography of the storefront and business operations to be used in a restaurant image gallery. The feature is a huge drawing point that helped to increase traffic into the restaurant. The site was optimized to be user-friendly on mobile devices so diners could access a custom designed menu from anywhere!

Our Solutions

  • Custom Designed Website
  • Full Feature Menu Page with On Brand Design Elements
  • Photo Gallery with Professional Photographs of Food, Employees, and Storefront
  • Local Listing Account Set Up