Curent TV website design

project scope

CURRENTtv broadcasts quality informational content across two channels accessible on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. CURRENTtv-Government and CurrentTV-Education give citizens from Duck to Manteo updates on local happenings and affairs. It’s important the OBX citizens have access to their content to remain informed and active participants within the community. When CURRENTtv approached Outer Banks Media to create a website for the government funded organization, we considered important design features to increase viewership. CURRENTtv is made for the people by the people, therefore; their content should be made easily accessible to the public. We created a live streaming platform for both channels that lets viewers watch programming at any time and on any device. We also added to the website navigation videos on demand with social sharing buttons for users to share the content on their favorite social media platforms. These features made viewing CURRENTtv’s programming easier for the public and also gives access to viewers who may not have cable TV.

Our Solutions

  • Custom Designed Website
  • Live Streaming Platform
  • On Demand Videos
  • Social Sharing Buttons
  • Mobile Compatible Website
  • YouTube Optimized Content

mobile compatible live streaming CURRENTtv

Current TV website and mobile compatibility

CURRENTtv ipad feature

Mobile compatible website CURRENTtv