Dare Capital Management, LLC

When Will Woodard, III, CFP®, the owner and president of Dare Capital Management came to Outer Banks Media his website didn’t have a logo. What his starter website did have, however, was plenty of content!

Dare Capital Management needed a cohesive and professional brand image that connected closely to Will and the Outer Banks. We created a sunny and optimistic logo to use on the beach-inspired website. The logo was then used for office signage! We used a lot of the content previously used on his older website and laid it out in a visually appealing way that incorporates personable images and educational videos.

Our Solutions

  • Custom Logo Design
  • Office Signage
  • Branded Office Letterhead
  • Clear Service Page
  • Post Feed for Market Letters
  • Email List Sign-Up Form & Feed Automation
  • Brand Hookup Package
Outer Banks Media did a great job of helping upgrade my firm's visual branding and web presence. The team listened to my rough ideas and delivered visually appealing, forward-thinking design results with wisdom and precision.
Will Woodard, CFP®