project scope

Didlake is a non-profit organization based in Northern Virginia that creates education, employment, and enrichment opportunities for those with disabilities. When Didlake approached Outer Banks Media for a re-branding project, organization was at the forefront of its development. We created a custom designed website with ease of navigation in mind. The website is designed to be made accessible by anyone through readable copy with appropriate language. The home page prominently features opportunities for employment and uses a simple navigation menu for users to browse content. The site is fully optimized for SEO capabilities. Following development of the site, Didlake’s other entities such as Didlake Document Imaging and their UPS franchises used our services to create Pay Per Click marketing campaigns. To better explain the services Didlake offers, we designed on-brand print materials including business cards and brochures.

Our Solutions

  • Custom Designed Website
  • Mobile Compatible Website
  • Easy to Navigate Menu
  • On-brand Brochures, Business Cards, + Flyers