Outer Banks Brewing Station Marketing

OBX Restaurant Website Design

project scope

Outer Banks Media works with the Outer Banks Brewing Station to assist with their ongoing marketing efforts. The Brewing Station hosts live music nearly every night of the week during the peak season, and often books high profile music acts. OBX Media set up online ticket sales through their website to help improve the ease with which customers can purchase tickets for these events. Additionally, the Brewing Station features brewery tours and other events, all of which are promoted continually by Outer Bank Media through a combination of email marketing, social media outlets and SEO.

Our Solutions

  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • Social Media Management
  • Full On-Site SEO
  • Custom Branded Event Pages and Social Media Graphics

Outer Banks Brewing Station web stats

Key Results and Improvements

When comparing the web traffic for Outer Banks Brewing Station from July 2016 to July 2017, there is a significant improvement. Overall website visits increased 12%. The Brewing Station is active on Facebook as well, and the total number of likes has steadily increased, showing an increase of nearly 114% over the same time span. Not only are these visitor stats impressive, but the conversions of visitors and likes into online sales is also positive. Total online revenue from all channels increased 48%, while online tickets sales for the various events increased 392%, which is significant since that is the area where OBX Media focuses most of its marketing efforts.