The AquaEye®

project scope

It’s hard to talk about the trauma that affects not only the families of water search and recovery victims, but also the first-responders assisting in these types of missions. The AquaEye®, created by VodaSafe, Inc. and sold by Barrier Waterman, is a new product that assists in quicker victim recovery by reducing the need for extra resources. With an important mission of quickly providing closure to all involved in recovery situations, Outer Banks Media designed and developed a new website for Barrier Waterman to sell this life-saving device. We carefully considered site structure and navigation to ensure that potential customers can easily find purchase information on training sessions and devices. Our thoughtful design allows for more lifeguards, emergency responders, and community officials to explore the benefits of this groundbreaking product. We developed the “Learn More” tab for users to explore that value and importance of The AquaEye®. The section features videos and testimonials on the power of the device. Additionally, we included a “Next Steps” tab that provides step by step instructions for ordering The AquaEye® and information on training sessions that are available post-purchase. Including this feature was necessary as Barrier Waterman uses the website as the only point of sales for the technology in the nation. To have customers trust the organization even further, we included salesperson bios and contact information on the site. The entire website was SEO optimized for search engine compatibility with custom meta-descriptions and data.

Our Solutions

  • Customized Website
  • Streamlined Site Structure
  • Ease of Navigation for Customers to Find Training Information
  • What’s Next Tab to Explain Purchasing Steps
  • SEO Optimization
  • Sales Representatives Spotlights