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project scope

Outer Banks Media did a complete website redesign for the Town of Kitty Hawk. Since, this website is for municipal purposes, we increased the site’s security to align with government standards. We made the website simpler for visitors and residents to find specific information pertaining to either living or visiting Kitty Hawk. To accomplish this, we organized existing content into an updated site navigation that’s more user friendly. The site navigation uses drop down menus to house extensive information on visiting, living, and participating in local government affairs in Kitty Hawk. Users can also find events specific to their interests using the site’s event calendar, updated with special and reoccurring events.

Our Solutions

  • Website Redesign
  • Increased Site Security Aligning with Government Standards
  • Sleek + Modern Design
  • Ease of Usability
  • Advanced Site Navigation to House Extensive Content
  • Site Navigation Custom Icons Illustrations
  • Event Calendar

Town of Kitty Hawk tablet compatible event calendar

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