How to Support Restaurants During COVID-19: Your Action Is Needed

Since the start of COVID-19, restaurants in all 50 states have been in a tough financial spot. Mandatory lock downs and state of emergencies, has closed non-essential businesses and placed operating restrictions on restaurants. According to Toast, a point of sales analytics company, restaurant sales are down 80%. Your community needs your support for local restaurants and businesses in the coming weeks. Here are four ways we can navigate this crisis together while still flattening the curve.

#1: Order Takeaway

Some restaurants are operating on modified schedules and offering different options to accommodate for dine-in restrictions. Consider ordering a family dinner online and use contactless, curbside pick up. If you can spare it, buy a meal for an elderly neighbor or family member, but be sure to use proper protection if you do!

It’s best to order directly from the restaurant instead of using a third-party delivery service. Many apps like PostMates or DoorDash charge the restaurant commission. Recently, Grubhub announced a $100 million relief program to help suffering restaurants. Sounds like a well needed helping hand, right? Not exactly. The fine print shows that restaurants will have to pay-back all deferred commission charges.

When looking for a local restaurant to support, be on the lookout for deals posted to their social media pages. Some businesses are offering exclusive specials to bring in more customers. Consider restaurants in your community that use locally sourced products and ingredients. When you support these types of restaurants, you’re not just helping out those in the food industry, but farmers and small businesses too. And don’t forget, you can now order alcohol to-go too!

#2: Donate to Restaurant Relief Funds

Chances are we probably all know someone who’s lost their food industry job or had their wages severely affected. Individual restaurants have set up relief funds through online platforms like GoFundMe to help with staff salaries and start up costs for when things return to normal. If your favorite spot doesn’t have a fundraiser set up, look into donating to nationwide efforts like Guy Fieri’s food industry fund with the National Restaurant Association.

#3: Purchase Gift Cards + Merchandise

Even if your favorite restaurant isn’t open, they may have items available for purchase online. Gift cards act as a micro-loan, giving restaurants an influx of cash to keep things afloat. Buy now and dine in later, or get a new t-shirt to wear with the pajamas you’ve been wearing so much lately.

#4: Tip Generously

It’s standard to tip at least 15% when you dine in at a restaurant. The same applies for to-orders too. If you are in a position to do so, give a little more than usual. It feels good to help our members of our community!

Food is something that brings us all together. Helping out now can make a big impact for when we can all reunite with each other. If your restaurant needs any marketing assistance during these unique and trying times, we can help! Please contact us, and we’ll help you map out a strategy catered to you!

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