How To Take Advantage of Google’s Free Tools


Google Zeitgeist ToolZeitgeist isn’t designed for search optimization, but it can be fantastic tool if used properly. This application shows you the top trends of the entire year, allowing you to decide what your website needs to be in order to take advantage of those trends. Zeitgeist is a good reference tool.

Google produced a video of Zeitgeist’s trends from last year with over 15 million views. Make sure you check it out!

Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager ToolGoogle Tag Manager is a handy program that helps you keep up with your marking, tracking and control of the tags on your website. These tags allow 3rd party analytics software to run on your site (See Universal Analytics Below). Tags are usually decided from your code, but what Google Tag Manager does is allow you to add and change tags without having to edit the code. Tags are vital in SEO and having complete control of them allow for a quicker and less stressful SEO experience.

Google Tag Assistant

Google Tag Manager makes tag control simple and gives you quick access to your tags. Tag assistant is a chrome extension which makes the already quick Tag Manager even simpler.

Universal Analytics

Universal-Analytics-300x171Universal Analytics is the most insightful program on this list. Not only does it offer the huge amount of features google analytics offers, but it brings new innovative functions to the table.

Universal Analytics’ raises the bar by giving users the ability to track users across multiple devices. If one user reads about an item on their phone, but move to the computer to buy it, you will know it’s the same person. If someone takes a peek at your website, but moves to their phone to look at it on mobile, you will know. Although this is Universal Analytics best new feature, it also has a list of other convenient features.

It can add PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENTS making your website faster by combining all of your current Google Analytic cookies into one comprehensive cookie. Universal Analytics also allows the ability to track users for the entirety of their relationship with your business. You can see who the best customers are and how much they purchase relative to other customers.

 Consumer Surveys

Google Consumer ToolHave you ever wondered what your users really know about your product? Have you ever wanted a simple way to ask consumers what they think of your website? Google Consumer Surveys is probably something you need to have on your website.

Consumer Surveys is a simple tool allowing you to ask your audience any range of survey questions. Google Consumer Surveys offers functional and conventient reports to analyze the results of your survey through colorful graphs, simple text, percentages, based on demographic, etc. Consumer Surveys is not a free app, but is very affordable at only $.10, and the information received is most definitely worth it.

Google Trends

Google Trends Tool     Google trends is Zeitgeists’ smarter and more popular cousin. Google Trends shows you how you measure up against competitors in searches, and helps you find which topics within your business are hot. For example, if you own a bakery, you could look at Google Trends to see that cupcakes are in high demand, and market your company accordingly. Trends is a great tool to get insider information on the most popular searches within your industry or business type.